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Data Privacy in 2016 – A Look Ahead

2015 has been a big year for privacy, but 2016 could be even bigger. In this article I provide a few thoughts about what I thinkt the important issues will be.

Facebook Concedes to Cookie Ruling

By: WordPressAdministrator | Thursday, December 3, 2015 | Tagged: Belgium, Cookie Law, Facebook

Facebook will be making changes for Belgian visitors in response to a ruling by the country’s Data Protection Commissioner, the company announced yesterday.

Facebook Facing Daily 250K Euro Cookie Fines

By: WordPressAdministrator | Tuesday, November 10, 2015 | Tagged: Cookie Law Fines, Facebook

Yesterday (10th November) a Belgian court ordered Facebook to stop tracking some non-members across the web. The social media giant was given 2 days to comply, or be issued fines of 250,000 euros per day.

Online Privacy: Whose Responsibility is it Anyway?

I read a lot of cookie policies. I realise that puts me in a very small minority, but it is part of my job. However, I think they can be very enlightening. Often overlooked as the poor cousin to the privacy policy, I believe I can learn much more about a company’s real attitudes to operational privacy from their cookie policy than I can with their privacy policy.

Safe Harbour and Cookie Compliance

By: WordPressAdministrator | Friday, October 16, 2015 | Tagged: Cookie Compliance, Safe Harbour

EU-US Safe Harbour
As almost everybody with an interest in privacy will know by now, the European Court of Justice has recently declared the EU-US Safe Harbour mechanism invalid. Right now there is a huge uncertainty about what it means for business, and there is a lot of coverage both in the privacy world and mainstream media about the issue. However, nobody has given much thought to the impact on cookie compliance – until now.

The Cookie Law is not about the Cookies

When you use cookies on a website, you are very often collecting data about people. Most of the time you can argue that the consequences of this are minor, and most or the time that is mostly true. Sometimes however this exposes those individuals to risks. If those people happen to be some of the more vulnerable members of society, those risks can be significant. If you allow that data to get into the hands of other organisations with no control over what can happen to it, those risks are greater still. And if you are an organisation that is supposed to be helping those people, but seem to be either unaware of these risks, or ignoring them, then this becomes a serious failure in duty of care.

Cookies and Digital Governance

By: WordPressAdministrator | Thursday, August 27, 2015 | Tagged: Cookie Audit, Digital Governance

When people see their first Optanon Cookie Audit, the most common responses are along the lines of: I had no idea we had so many, How did those get there? and These ones should have been removed ages ago. Here are just 5 ways an Optanon Cookie Audit can help you with digital governance.

First Cookie Enforcements in France

By: WordPressAdministrator | Wednesday, August 26, 2015 | Tagged: CNIL, Cookie Law Enforcement, Cookie Law France

CNIL logo
France’s data Protection Authority, the CNIL, has taken its first steps enforcing the cookie law in France, ordering 20 websites them to make amendments within a specified timeframe, or face further action.

Google Requires Cookie Law Compliance, Optanon Referenced

Google has started writing to customers of its Adsense, Doubleclick and other products to warn them that they must comply with the EU cookie law by 30 Sept, as part of a change in policy. To help with the process the company has developed a website This provides guidance on compliance and includes links back to our site as a recognised provider of compliance software.

France Begins Enforcing Cookie Law

By: WordPressAdministrator | Thursday, July 2, 2015 | Tagged: CNIL, Cookie Law France, Enforcement

The CNIL, France’s data protection authority has written to 20 website owners about failures to comply with the French cookie law, according to a press release published on June 30th. It is the first action taken by the regulator following initial investigations at the end of 2014.

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