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This website was built and is constantly updated to meet the market demand for new information, services and expertise to help businesses understand and comply with EU privacy legislation that has since become known as The Cookie Laws.

Originally operating under the name The Cookie Collective, reflecting an association of partner businesses with shared beliefs, we were the first group to start talking about the forthcoming Cookie Crunch – a term that was later picked up and used by the mainstream media.

Following acquisition in 2016 we now provide mainly commercial privacy compliance tools and services under the OneTrust and CookiePro brands.

We are also responsible for the Cookiepedia website, the web’s largest open resource of knowledge and data all about cookies, promoting transparency about tracking activity on some of the world’s favorite sites.

Our Plans for the Future

Consumer concerns over online privacy and uncontrolled sharing of personal information are becoming an ever more important facet of the web and the Internet of Things (IoT).  There is already an inherent tension between the rights and desires of consumers to be anonymous on the web, and the commercial interests of businesses which invest billions in creating the services we have all come to rely upon.

There are a host of new regulations, standards and technologies that are currently being discussed by governments, businesses, and web standards bodies all over the world. Any of these developments could re-shape not just online privacy, but the whole web experience, for many years to come.  If only some of the proposals come into effect, the impact will be significant.

We are participating in the ongoing debate, with recognized thought leadership based on practical experience. We continue to invest in new products and services, as well as enhancing our existing offerings so that we can help our clients prepare for this future.

We believe privacy is important.  It is just as important to businesses as the customers they serve.  A business that respects the privacy rights and preferences of its customers, especially through appropriate controls, wins their trust.  This trust is vital to the future of the web.  Without it, businesses cannot develop sustainable growth, and consumers won’t get the products and services they want.

We are committed to helping our clients build consumer trust through transparent data practices

If you’d like to talk about how we can help you, please get in touch or learn about our solutions for cookie compliance at our product site, CookiePro.com

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