How Optanon Works

Optanon is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution based on Microsoft Azure, and stored in a European data centre.

Using the Optanon Consent Manager dashboard, you configure how you want Optanon to work on your site.  Although we provide some default settings to get you started, almost every part of the Optanon user-experience is in your control.

There are just a few lines of JavaScript to add to your web page templates. We then provide various methods to optionally block or allow cookie setting scripts, as well as enabling you to present different content to visitors in response to their choices.

This means you can use Optanon to incentivise visitors to make the choices that make the most sense for your business.

Custom Look and Feel

All of the HTML elements rendered by Optanon have easily recognisable CSS classes, so you can adapt your own stylesheets to override the standard skin – whether that means making it blend in or stand out.

We can also create and host a custom skin for you for a small one-off fee. If you have multiple websites this makes it easy to apply it across all of them without any extra work for you.


What really sets Optanon apart is the range of choices you have for building it into the user experience.  With Optanon you decide how much you want the notification to intrude on the user experience, as well as how much control you want users to have over the cookies your site uses.

On this site, we want people to notice Optanon and interact with it – but it doesn’t have to be like that.  Optanon can be much more stealthy, or even deliberately interruptive of the user experience.

The decision on what is right for you will depend on your compliance and communications strategy, the country you are operating in, the type of visitors you have, or what your competitors and peers are doing.

Optanon is designed to fit around your needs, rather than be a ‘one size’ solution that fits no-one.

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