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Whether you want to comply with the EU cookie law, provide your visitors with greater transparency, or are looking to improve your online data governance, then you need to know what cookies your website drops on your visitors.

Names alone are not enough, you need to know the purpose of your cookies, and who is in control of them (It’s not always you!). Our cookie audits include all the essential information you need, whatever your cookie compliance strategy.

Services for All Budgets

Using the CookiePro Cookie Policy Generator we can provide a cookie audit to suit any budget, including no budget at all!

From fully automated, to full service across multiple domains, CookiePro provides everything you need from a cookie audit, including 12 months access to your online report and the ability to re-audit your site any time at no extra cost.

Your cookie audit will tell you:

  • the attributes and values of each cookie found on your site
  • their purpose and use categories
  • the 3rd parties setting cookies on your site, and what they do with them
  • how best to inform your visitors according to guidance developed by the UK International Chamber of Commerce.

"...offers a much more detailed insight into the purpose of each cookies functionality than I've been able to find [elsewhere]"

If you want to find out more about the full range of audit services we can offer, including getting a quote for multiple website discounts, please get in touch.

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