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We first started collecting data about cookies in 2010 as part of our initial awareness raising work around the cookie law.  At that time the availability of information about cookies and what they are used for was either non-existent or hidden deep in the websites or support documentation of technology providers.

We realised that this situation would need to change in the face of the new regulations, and that our rapidly expanding database could help shed some light on a rather dark corner of the web.  This was how the idea for Cookiepedia was born.

Cookiepedia is an open knowledge base all about the cookies we have found on websites crawled by our plug-ins. It is powered by a database of over 11 million cookies, used across some 300,000 websites.  Though of course these figures are growing daily.

However, the data on its own is not enough.  We are busy categorising the cookies based on the ICC cookie categories, and adding more and more editorial content based on the knowledge we have gained from our cookie audit services.

Get Involved

We aim to open up Cookiepedia to external contributors in the coming months, to encourage anyone with knowledge about cookies to share their expertise and contribute to the growth of understanding.

We are also considering the development of an Application Programming Interface (API) for Cookiepedia that will enable other systems and developers to make use of the data.

If either of these are interest to you, please get in touch and let us know what uses you could make of such a service or how you would like to get involved.

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