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Having an accurate and up-to-date cookie policy, that explains exactly how you use cookies on your site, is crucial to making sure you are obtaining informed consent from visitors.  

On its own, it may not make your site strictly compliant with the cookie law in all parts of the EU, but if you want to avoid user intrusive pop-ups or opt-out controls, it is regarded by many as the absolute minimum any website should have. 

Our Cookie Policy Generator is a simple solution to putting together an easy to understand cookie policy, without the need to learn the law, or figure out what all your cookies do – we take care of that for you.

Built on our cookie audit technology and the Cookiepedia knowledge base, the Cookie Policy Generator will identify all the cookies that your visitors will encounter, categorize them for you, and give you some editable text to drop into your site.

Best of all, with regular audits, your cookie policy will get automatically updated whenever changes in your site’s use of cookies are detected.

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