The Google Chrome Plug-in

Our Chrome based browser plug-in is now being retired from active service, and has been replaced by the far superior Optanon Cookie Policy Generator.

However the plug-in still works and can continue to be used as a stand alone tool to tell you what cookies are being set by your site.  

Key benefits of the Optanon plug-in are:

  • Audit as you browse. Simply install and crawl your site to accurately capture all the cookies your site might set on users’ machines.
  • Continual cookie detection. The Optanon auditor captures new cookies whenever you browse, vital for maintaining compliance over time.
  • Supports team collaboration.  Install the auditor on several machines and the data on your site is collated in the Cookiepedia knowledge base, reducing individual effort.  You can also buy an audit report baed on your data collection for a one off fee.
  • Integration with the Optanon ePrivacy compliance service. The data captured by the Cookie Auditor can easily be turned into a disclosure and compliance notice on any website.

To get started with the Optanon Auditor, download it from the Chrome Store.

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