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Cookie Audits


You need to inform your website visitors what cookies can be set by your site, and their purpose. Yet there are so many different types and uses of cookies, you probably don’t know yourself. Our audit services will provide you with the information you need, so you can keep your visitors properly informed.

Cookie Policy Generator


Putting a cookie policy on your website is one of the simplest ways of telling your visitors what you are using cookies for. If you don’t need or want to offer an opt-out choice for your cookies, then a cookie policy is an essential alternative.

Optanon ePrivacy Compliance


Optanon is the complete cookie law compliance solution for your website. With a few simple lines of code added to your site pages, you can inform your visitors about your use of cookies, and offer them opt-out or opt-in controls in compliance with the requirements of any or all EU jurisdictions.

Custom Development

Custom Developement

We designed Optanon to be as flexible as possible, however we recognise it won't suit the needs of everyone, particularly larger organisations. If you need a more customised approach to cookie law compliance our team of experienced developers can build a completely bespoke solution for you.



Not sure where to start with cookie law compliance? Need to provide training to your web and marketing teams? Or perhaps you need help writing your website privacy policy. We do much more than just provide technology solutions. We can advise you on a broad range of privacy and data protection issues.

Reseller Program


If you are designing and building websites for your clients, you need to be able to help them comply with the law. Or perhaps your customers are asking you for guidance and you need a solution you can recommend. Then maybe you can become an Optanon re-seller, and earn a commission doing so.



Cookiepedia is an information site all about cookies, driven by our technologies and collecting cookie data about hundreds of thousands of websites. It is also a community sourced knowledge base about those cookies and what they are used for.

Cookie Auto-Blocking

Cookie Auto-Blocking

Automatically scan, find, and block selected tracking technologies on your website until the visitor has provided consent. No extra coding or integrations required.

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