New Audit and Consent Features Released

By: Richard Beaumont | Monday, July 18, 2016 | Tagged: Cookie Consent, Optanon, Optanon Features | Leave Comment

We have rolled out a couple of new features in Optanon over the last few weeks, designed to give customers an even more flexible tool for managing their cookie consent.

Customers logging in to the Website Auditor recently may have noticed a new tick box option next to the audit input form which says ‘Audit paths independently?’.

This will enable you to get separate audits on different sub-sections of a domain, such as or This can be particularly useful where your domain has a number of different microsites and you want to see the different uses of cookies and tags between them.

If you tick the box, then a scan on will be limited to only those pages within that section, and any links to pages such as will be ignored in the same way as links to third party websites already are.

However, the feature needs to be used with care as each separate path report generated like this will consume an additional licence. Existing customers who have any questions about this feature should get in touch before using it.

Additionally, and this is the key benefit of this feature, it enables you to show separate consent notices on your domain, based on these audits.  The Consent Manager can now also be configured for path based consent based on the results of these audits.  That means microsites with completely separate branding and audiences can now also have completely different cookie consent notices.

This feature is all about creating more flexibility in the Optanon service, and is part of our ongoing investment in the platform to ensure it meets customers’ needs for the long term.

If you have any questions about this feature, please get in touch today.

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