New Do Not Track Alert for Optanon

By: Richard Beaumont | Tuesday, December 3, 2013 | Tagged: Do Not Track, Optanon | Leave Comment

We have rolled out a new interface element for the Optanon compliance software this week that automatically responds to browser Do Not Track signals.

With the new feature, if a visitor arrives at a site for the first time, has Do Not Track switched on, and the Optanon configuration for the site is set to respond to this request, the visitor is shown a message to tell them how their request has been responded to.

optanon-do-not-track In the example above, this shows the user on arrival that as a result of their Do Not Track request, we are not setting any Performance Cookies – which in this case means Google Analytics.

You can try this out on the site now, although you may need to clear out any cookies set by our domain to see it.  A session cookie called OptanonDNT is set on showing the alert so that it is only seen once for each browser session.  However if the visitor interacts with the button, and changes cookie settings, that change will be stored in the persistent OptanonConsent cookie, and this information bubble will no longer appear automatically.

Optanon has long had the capability to respond to the Do Not Track signal, this is simply the first time we have added that response into the user interface. This new feature is not yet automatically available, but any clients can have it switched on if they wish, although it is only available with Optanon Version 3.

All feedback on the new feature is welcome. 

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