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By: Richard Beaumont | Thursday, May 24, 2012 | Tagged: Implied Consent, Optanon | Leave Comment

It has been a busy last few weeks at Cooke Collective Central.  With the imminent end of the ICO’s enforcement grace period, the online world has woken up to the requirements of the cookie law – and our phones have barely stopped ringing.

We therefore haven’t had much time to talk about developments or achievements of late, or even keep our clients and readers up to date with news from around the cookiesphere as much as we would like.

However, we have ben far from idle on the product development front.  In fact we have made at least three significant releasese and upgrades this week, two of which I want to highlight here.

Implied Consent

An Implied Consent version of Optanon has gone live in the last few days, and the first clients to make use of it will shortly go public.

Wesleyan Implied Consent

Implied Consent is a more business-friendly approach to compliance than a full Opt-in model and it was an approach that some of our clients have been keen to explore.

With our background in bespoke development, it was natural that we respond to what people were asking for and build it in to our core product offering.

With this implementation consumers have much more fine grained control over which types of cookies they want to allow on the site, whilst owners can make it clear which types are essential to the site and cannot be disabled.

Furthermore, in most cases switching between and Opt-in and Implied Consent approach is a simple configuration option, taking a few minutes for any one site.  We believe this level of simple flexibilty gives our clients the greatest possible freedom to work out what is going to work best for them and their clients.

My Cookies Management Interface

At the same time we have also started to release our self-service cookie management system to our clients.  Using this interface, and without having to change a line of code in their site, our customers now have full and direct control over the content and structure of their consent notice.  Meaning they can easily change how they talk to their visitors about their cookies and publish changes in the push of a button.

This gives them the freedom to find the right language to explain what it happening in a way that is relevent to their customers.

Cookie Manager Top

If you would like to get an Optanon solution for your website, please get in touch.  It is not too late to act. 

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