Introducing Multi Touch Consent

By: Richard Beaumont | Monday, March 19, 2012 | Tagged: Consent | Leave Comment

We have been talking a lot with people over the last few weeks about different ways in which they can make changes to their site to encourage visitors to allow the use of cookies.

What we believe is that the more you can build consent into the user journey, the more likely they are to give it.

This is why we have now developed what we are calling Multi Touch Consent into Optanon.

With Multi Touch Consent website owners can turn any site click into a cookie consent action.  

Along with Multi Touch Consent comes the ability to create another methodology for gaining consent – content substitution.

Where content on your site relies on cookies, or where you want to incentivise consent through hiding of content, Optanon now enables you to replace that content with cookie free alternatives, or a notice that consent is needed to view it.

You can see a simple example of this on our site now.  In the right hand column of most pages we have a Twitter feed.  This feed relies on cookies so is blocked by default until someone gives their consent. 

Rather than simply having a blank space – we can now tell people there is something missing – and give them a choice to do something about it. See for example the Get Started with Optanon page.

Although in this case we have used our ‘Allow‘ button for people to signify their consent – it could be any type of other clickable element that the website wants to build in – or has in place already.  In this way a site can align consent for cookies with the user journey – resulting in increased rates of consent.

Multi Touch Consent comes as standard with all Optanon licenses.  If you are interested in getting this on your own website, ask for a quote today.

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