Cookie Collector Now Available for Chrome

By: Richard Beaumont | Monday, June 13, 2011 | Tagged: Chrome, Cookie Collector | Leave Comment

We are delighted to announce that the Cookie Collector is now available as an extension for the Google Chrome browser.  Plus it comes with new functionality not in the Firefox version.

The Chrome version adds an icon next to the address bar, and when you click on it, you get a pop-up box that tells you how many cookies it has collected, and the number of browser sessions this has taken.

The pop-up also gives you ‘Clear‘ and ‘Reload‘ buttons.  ‘Clear‘ will set the numbers back to zero, while ‘Reload‘ refreshes the display to show any new cookie data.

We hope users will find this information useful and welcome your feedback.

One other difference between the two versions is that the Chrome extension does not collect information about cookies that are uploaded from your device, back to the website.  It seems that the Chrome API does not enable this functionality.

As a result, our database is now recording which version of the Cookie Collector has submitted each piece of cookie data.  This will enable us to continue to gather meaningful information about uploads and downloads.

However, we are still not gathering any information that could identify individual browsers/users or any form of personal data.

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