Using the Optanon Cookie Auditor

The Optanon Cookie Auditor is designed to help you audit your site for web cookies in order to prepare for compliance with the EU cookie laws.

Once you have installed the Optanon Auditor:

  • Enter the domain name on the 'Settings' page, and click the 'Start' button. If your site has subdomains, list them separately.
  • Close and Re-start Google Chrome
  • Go to your site browse through all the pages.  For best results, right click and open links in a new tab.  This means you don't have to wait for each page to load. 
  • Click on all links and perform any user interactions like filling in forms, playing video clips, commenting on blogs, or clicking on social media links and buttons.
  • If your site has ecommerce, you will need to go through a full purchase process to capture all the cookies.
  • On the 'Statistics' page you will then be able to see a list of all the cookies the Optanon Auditor has found.  

Please Note: the Statistics page can sometimes be slow to load changes - if you don't see your cookies straight away, go and do something else for a while - they will be there when you come back.

What Happens Next

Some additional information about these cookies is sent back to the Optanon database. This includes a list of pages that each cookie has been found on, the domain the cookie sends its data to, and more.  It will also include the contents (value) of at least one instance of each cookie. 

This additional information is likely to be very useful to you in identifying what each cookie on your site does, and we can use this information to provide you with a cookie audit, or if you purchase a license for the Optanon Privacy Compliance service, we will make the data collected by the audit tool available to you so you can inform your visitors about the cookies on your site and gain their consent for such use.


We are also using the data we collect to power Cookiepedia - the world's largest knowledge base about cookies - what they do, and which websites use them.  Any cookie data submitted will usually appear the following day, and you can then look-up your website using the search functionality.  Many cookies are automatically categorised by matching your cookies with ones we already know about.  For more information, please go to Cookiepedia.


The values of cookies sent back to our database can occasionally contain personally identifiable information.  The sole purpose in capturing this value is to understand what the cookie might be used for, as part of the audit services provided by us to website owners.

We do not collect any data about your browsing or publish anything that can be connected to you or the device this extension is installed in. We only publish information on the name, number and type of cookies that you are downloading as you browse.

If you have any questions about use of the Optanon Auditor, please contact us.


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