About the Cookie Collector

Please Note: The original Cookie Collector plug-in has been discontinued.  We are now focusing on a newer plug-in for Google Chrome, the Cookiepedia Privacy Detective.

The Cookie Collector is a Firefox plug-in that runs silently in the background, captures data about cookies being placed on your machine from the websites you visit, and transmits it to the Cookiepedia database.

None of the information we store identifies in any way the individual or the device that it comes from. What we are doing is building up the cookie knowledge base in Cookiepedia, with the aim of promoting transparency about tracking and data collection activity on the web

We don't want to watch you, we want to watch the companies that are watching you.

What Data we Capture

We are collecting some standard data about each cookie that is either downloaded to your machine, or uploaded back to a website you return to.

This includes the name, the website it came from, the originating domain (for third party cookies), whether it is persistent or a session cookie – and when it expires. The Cookie Data page contains full details of what is recorded in our database.

What we Do with this Data

Data from the Cookie Collector is used to power Cookiepedia. Thanks to people like you Cookiepedia currently contains nearly 11 milllion cookies from over 300,000 websites, making it the largest database of its kind anywhere on the web.

Visit Cookiepedia to find out more.

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