Step 1 - Know Your Cookies

Before you can become compliant with the cookie law, you have to know what cookies are being set by your website.

You can find this out for yourself using our free tools to conduct a DIY Cookie Audit.  If you do a thorough job, then Cookiepedia will give you a list of all the cookies on your site.

You will then need to understand a little bit more about what this list means. You may find information about some or all of them already on Cookiepedia. Your own web developers may also be able to help you, but if you need a more professional approach, get in touch with us and find out what we can tell you about your cookies.

Step 2 - Which Cookies Need Consent?

Although you will need to get consent for most of the cookies on your website, the rules don't apply to all of them.  

If they are 'strictly necessary' for providing services requested by visitors, then you don't need consent.   But what types of cookies are 'strictly necessary'?

Cookies used in an online shopping cart are necessary to process an order, and similarly when you login to a website it will generally use a cookie to remember your logged in status.

These sorts of cookies can be regarded as strictly necessary, and therefore you would not need to get consent.  However if the same cookies were also used for other purposes - then you would need consent, for that purpose.

Cookies that help you monitor which pages of your site people are visiting, and how long they stay there are generally not necessary - your site can work without them.

Even if you think the information is vital to your business in making the website better - this does not count as 'strictly necessary' in the law. The same goes for cookies used in displaying adverts or certain types of content.  All such cookies will need visitor consent.

Step 3 - How to Get Consent

The vast majority of websites will need some way of gaining consent from visitors for the use of cookies.  Most of those will need that consent to appear on all of your landing pages.

Optanon provides website owners with a simple retrofit solution to make almost any website compliant with the cookie legislation. The aim is to make the process as simple as possible for the vast majority of sites that need a low cost solution to staying on the right side of the new law.

Optanon will work for most kinds of sites, but if you need something a little more bespoke, our experienced software team can work with you to build a completely unique solution to meet your needs. If you would like to talk to us about any of this, please contact us today.

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