A New EU Data Protection Regulation

The EU is proposing to reform the current data protection framework, replacing 27 different local laws with a single Data Protection Regulation.  This new regulation is still being negotiated, a process the ICO is heavily involved with, but when finalised, it is likely to have wide ranging consequences for any organisation that collects and uses personal data.

This includes things like

  • Increased administration for processing personal data
  • Requirement for many companies to employ a Data Protection Officer for the first time
  • Subject Access Requests to be fulfilled without charge - leading to increased numbers
  • A new 'right to be forgotten'
  • A need to obtain explicit consent for most types of data collected and managed
  • Increased reporting requirements for breaches
  • Increased level of fines imposed for breaches

In response to these anticipated changes we are now beginning to develop new technologies and services to help businesses and organisations of all sizes minimise the impact of the new regulation, when it comes into force sometime over the next 2-3 years.

Services we are currently envisaging include:

  • Outsourced Data Protection Officer services
  • Automation of subject access request and right to be forgotten fulfilment
  • Recording of subject consent for use of personal data
  • Training for employees handling data

Some of these services will be extensions of our existing solutions like Optanon, others will be brand new.

Your View Counts

We are very interested at this point in time to find out what you think the key issues will be for your organisation, and the kinds of services you will be looking for, to help you overcome them.

We are already beginning to work with partners and experts in data protection to help shape and deliver these services.

If your organisation is likely to be impacted, and you have some ideas about the kind of services you would be interested in, or if you have expertise and would like to get involved in some way, then we would like to hear from you.

We will use your contributions to help shape our services.  We may follow up with you with more information, and if you wish we can add your details to our mailing list so that as we begin to develop our services, we can keep you informed.

Your input is much appreciated, and of course will help us ensure that when the law comes into force, there will be solutions and services that will help you comply and manage your use of data both lawfully and with maximum efficiency.

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