CookieLaw Blog June 18, 2012

Optanon Upgrades and Goes Multi-Lingual

We are delighted to announce that following a major upgrade to the site administration tools Optanon now supports the ability to create a consent message in any left-to-right language.

Every single element of text in the Optanon consent message is fully editable, including button text, which means a consent message can be written in any language used across the EU.

In addition to this, we now also support the ability to have multiple languages on a single domain.

This means that whether you have separate sites like: and; or if you have and – then with Optanon you can have a separate consent message in the right language.

Even more, you can choose either Implied Consent or Opt-in Consent in each language.  Which means you can also tailor functionality to the requirements of the law in each country across the EU as well.

We believe this makes Optanon the most flexible solution for companies who need to obtain visitor consent across multiple countries in the EU.

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