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Is the BBC Website Compliant?

By: Richard Beaumont | Thursday, May 31, 2012 | Tagged: BBC | Leave Comment

The BBC website went live with their cookie law solution just ahead of last week’s deadline for compliance. They were also one of the organisations that earlier in the week we learnt the ICO had written to asking for an update on their progress.

BBC Technology Blog Covers ICO Traffic Story

By: Richard Beaumont | Tuesday, July 5, 2011 | Tagged: BBC, ICO | Leave Comment

This story has been going round the blogs in the last few days, but with the Beeb’s own Rory Cellan-Jones stepping up to comment on it, the ICO’s drop in visitor stats is set to become an even hotter topic. And having just released the first beta of our own cookie law tool this week, it seemed appropriate to comment.

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