Google Requires Cookie Law Compliance, Optanon Referenced

By: Richard Beaumont | Tuesday, July 28, 2015 | Tagged: Adsense, Cookie Choices, Cookie Compl, Doubleclick, Google | Leave Comment

Google has started writing to customers of its AdSense, DoubleClick and other products to warn them that they must comply with the EU cookie law by 30 Sept, as part of a change in policy.

To help with the process the company has developed a website  This provides guidance on compliance and includes links back to our site as a recognised provider of cookie compliance software.

In the lead up to this happening, we knew that Google was evaluating our product offering for inclusion in the website, so are of course very pleased to have this public validation of our software. Our daily web traffic increased ten-fold overnight after the link was published, along with new business enquiries.  Clearly many others are now recognising the value of our solutions and services.

Of particular note, the Cookie Choices site warns people not to be misleading with the messaging they put out.  Sites should make sure that if they give the impression that users can choose not to have certain types of cookies used, then they should make sure the preferences are respected.

Many free ‘cookie scripts’ end up misleading visitors in just this way, something the EU data regulators also highlighted as a problem in their recent cookie sweep exercise. There has since been a shift in more sites offering visitors direct control over cookies, and we expect this trend to continue, making many existing non-functional cookie law solutions a much greater risk for site owners.

It is unclear what will happen if publishers using Google’s services fail to comply with the change in policy, but it is significant that the company is putting its considerable weight behind the drive for better compliance.

Complying with the EU cookie laws can be a complex issue, and most site owners need some level of customisation to suit their individual needs. It is also important for site owners to understand local legal requirements and ensure their chosen solution can cope.

Optanon has been deployed on websites in most EU countries, and proven itself adaptable to a wide range of consent requirements.  If you would like to know more about how we can help you get cookie law compliant, please ask for a trial today.

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