Italian Cookie Guidelines Released

By: Richard Beaumont | Wednesday, June 4, 2014 | Tagged: Cookie Guidance, Garante, Italy DPA | Leave Comment

Italy’s DPA, the Garante, has released new guidance (Italian only) on complying with Italy’s cookie law. Some interpretation in English has been published here.

The guidance requires that websites need to inform visitors on arrival at a site that cookies are in use, and especially if third party and profiling cookie are used on the site.

This can be a short form notice that seeks consent, but it must lead to more detailed information about different types of cookies, and provide the user with controls to choose which types of cookies to allow.

It seems that the first level notice must remain on the page until the user takes a positive action to dismiss it, but that clicking on any link to navigate to other parts of a site can be deemed to be an indication of consent from the user for cookies to be set.

The good news for Optanon customers is that use of the Optanon Alert Box and Preference Centre in the right combination appears to fit well with the guidance being given. 

What seems clear though it that any approach that does not allow user control, will not meet the requirements.

We will be monitoring the situation however, and if we find any need for change to functionality to Optanon – we will of course introduce it as soon as possible.

The guidance also includes details of potential fines for non-compliance, which it appears can go as high as 120,000 Euros.

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