Automated Cookie Compliance Checks in France?

By: Richard Beaumont | Monday, March 31, 2014 | Tagged: CNIL, Cookie Law | Leave Comment

France’s DPA, the CNIL, has been given new powers of investigation which allow them to carry out online inspections for compliance with data protection laws.

This opens up the possibility for them to proactively detect what sorts of cookies French websites are setting for visitors, and whether or not proper consent mechanisms are in place.

Depending on what they find, they may then choose to take enforcement action.  This approach differs significantly to the UK, where the ICO tends to only act on complaints.

The CNIL is expected to begin using its new powers within the next few weeks, suggesting that French websites not complying with the cookie rules, need to get their house in order fairly quickly.

More details can be found here (in French).

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