Cookie Compliance is Good for Business

By: Richard Beaumont | Friday, September 27, 2013 | Tagged: Cookie Compliance | Leave Comment

A new UK consumer attitudes survey from Truste shows clearly the importance of cookie law compliance, debunking the myth that nobody cares and that everybody would prefer to see the cookie law killed off.

The survey was conducted in June 2013, a year after the beginning  of cookie law enforcement. It shows that an overwhelming 92% of consumers have concerns about online privacy in general, and over half the population (53%) is more concerned than they were 12 months ago.

79% of UK internet users say that they expect companies to comply with the cookie law, with nearly half (49%) plan to only visit websites they believe are compliant.

It is also clear that users are pro-active in protecting their privacy – with 84% changing browser settings, and 71% manually deleting their cookies.

However, as we have often pointed out, relying on browser controls is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. You end up losing the cookies you want to keep as well as the ones you don’t, and this is both bad for the user experience, and bad for brands and site owners that they would be happy to trust.

Of course with Optanon on a site, businesses are not only demonstrating compliance to those visitors that might otherwise leave quickly, they are also enabling visitors to have privacy and a good user experience, by giving them the much more fine grained controls of Optanon that browsers can’t match.

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