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We have been busy crunching more cookie data over on Cookiepedia and the result is this infographic, designed to give some insight into the world of tracking and cookie-based profiling.

As you can see below  targeting cookies – the type that companies use to build up profiles for targeted online profiling, far outstrip the number of cookies that are designed to bring direct user benefits.

We already know that over half the websites in our sample, are being used to track users around the web.  This number can only get bigger as we expand our database of known tracking cookies and companies.

However, we need your help. Cookiepedia is looking for people with knowledge to share – if you would like to contribute to our efforts to lift the lid on the cookie tracking jar – please get in touch.

Who Is Tracking You Infographic

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<p>Who is Tracking You? – An infographic by the team at <a href=”http://www.cookiepedia.co.uk”>Cookiepedia.co.uk</a> and <a href=””>The Cookie Collective</a></p>

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