Optanon Support for Do Not Track and ICC Categories

By: Richard Beaumont | Wednesday, August 8, 2012 | Tagged: Optanon, Do Not Track | 1 Comment

We have made some important updates to the Optanon privacy compliance service in the last few days.

The most significant of these is optional support for responding to Do Not Track (DNT) browser headers.  This largely impacts clients using an Implied Consent configuration and gives them a choice to respect a DNT request and override any default consent settings to block tracking cookies.

We have specifically made this an optional setting so that use of this will be entirely down to client choice.  Similarly it is configurable for each client - who can decide what categories of cookies should be blocked if the DNT header is detected.

Naturally any visitor will be able to change settings for the site manually - and opt back in to override the DNT setting just for that site.  By implementing DNT in this way, Optanon powered sites can give superior choice to site visitors which helps build greater trust - and in turn often leads to increased business.

ICC Cookie Categories
We are also now fully supporting clients who wish to adopt the ICC Code for categorising cookies and communicating with customers about them in a standardised way.

The ICC worked with members to create and encourage the use of a standardised language to communicate the purpose and uses of cookies to consumers.  This included the creation of 4 core categories: Strictly Necessary, Functional, Performance, and Targeting/Advertising.

This common categorisation and language is a really good idea - because it helps people to better understand the most common uses of cookies and therefore to judge more accurately what types of activity a website is using cookies for.  All of which make it easier for them to make an informed decision about giving their consent.

With our support for these categories now, any website owner wishing to use them in their Optanon privacy notice will be able to do so very easily.

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