Optanon Now Supports Geolocation

By: Richard Beaumont | Wednesday, June 6, 2012 | Tagged: Optanon | Leave Comment

We are pleased to announce that Optanon now has in-built geolocation functionality as an optional feature that can be switched on for individual domains.

With this feature in place, the Optanon code will detect a site visitor's location, and determine whether or not they are in an EU country.  This in turn will control whether or not the site displays the consent message and cookie blocking/control functionality.

This feature was developed in direct response to requests from clients in the USA who want to comply with respect to EU visitors without impacting the experience of the rest of their users.

Of course there was always the ability for a website with its own geolocation functionality to determine whether or not visitors saw the Optanon consent message.  However, with this integrated service we can offer this to clients who don't necessarily have the ability to set this kind of functionality up in their own sites. 

This is a great step forward in making our service more flexible and meeting the changing needs of our clients.  However it is just one part of our ongoing product development activity.  More of which we will be announcing soon.

If you are looking for geolocation support for your cookie law consent solution, get in touch today.

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