New Optanon Privacy Preference Centre Released

By: Richard Beaumont | Wednesday, October 31, 2012 | Tagged: Optanon | Leave Comment

We are delighted to announce today the release of a brand new version of our leading cookie law compliance tool, the Optanon Privacy Preference Centre.


This new version of Optanon not only presents the web visitor with clear yet less intrusive ‘notice and consent’ interface, it provides site owners with greater flexibility, control and ability to incentivise consent than ever before.

The ‘Privacy Settings‘ button is a persistent yet unobtrusive UI element that provides a signal of user choice as well as instant notice of current settings, via the roll-over information bubble.  This button can be placed anywhere in a page, and skinned to match the branding of any site, yet we hope that it will become a recognisable signal to users that they have access to information and control over the use of cookies and similar technologies.

One click brings up the control interface, where more information about the types of cookies is presented along with controls to switch them on or off according to preference.  For those who want to drill down further into a full list of each cookie used on the site – that functionality is provided to through Optanon’s dynamic cookies list function – which can be embedded in a privacy page, and linked to from the Preference Centre.  The list of cookies in this page is fed directly from the Optanon web service, adding in new cookies picked up by our scanning technologies and classified by site owners.

Together, these three elements provide website owners the ability to give clear information, layered for both simplicity and depth according to the needs of the audience, along with user choice that balances growing consumer expectations with the needs of business owners.

Optanon now also provides owners with the ability to respond instantly not only to those changing expectations, but to the requirements laid down by regulatory enforcement agencies. 

With the Optanon Privacy Preference Centre in place on their site a business can very quickly adapt their cookie law compliance in the event that an enforcement agency requires them to make changes, without first having to risk going down a route of over-compliance.

Of course, Optanon has been made ready for compliance with different versions of the cookie law in different EU countries and comes with multi-lingual support.  This is crucial for companies operating across the EU who want to have commonality of solutions across all of their web-estate, for the benefit of their IT implementation team as well as their visitors.

The new Optanon is the result of 6 months of research and development. We have listened to feedback from consumers and website owners about their experience of the original Optanon and other compliance solutions.  We have also looked to the future, and considered how consumer expectations and behaviours are likely to change over the longer term.  And we have given consideration to potential changes to the regulatory environment, like the introduction of a Do Not Track standard and proposals for revisions to more general EU Data Protection laws.

We believe that this new version of Optanon is the most user-friendly, robust and future-proofed solution to web privacy and cookie law compliance, but you don’t just have to take our word for it.

For the first time we are now offering a free 30 day trial to anyone who wants to try Optanon out for themselves.  So what are you waiting for?

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