ICC UK Cookies Meeting

By: Richard Beaumont | Monday, January 16, 2012 | Tagged: ICC | Leave Comment

The UK branch of the International Chambers of Commerce has been doing some sterling work in the past few months on creating guidance for Cookie Law compliance.

ICC UK is a membership organisation representing international businesses on a wide range of issues including international trade and investment.

Their digital business working group has been putting together recommendations for a standardised language for describing cookies to consumers.

On Wednesday 18th January they are holding a conference hosted by law firm Speechly Bircham at their London offices.

The Cookie Collective will be there giving a presentation on the reactions to the law by the web industry, as well as giving a brief overview of our products and services for achieving compliance.

The idea behind the ICC's work is to be part of the public education about cookies by encouraging websites to use a common language and classification of cookies when communicating what they do with them to their visitors.

It's an excellent idea, and not an easy task to pull off, but we will be there to support and provide our perspective on what is a very important issue.

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