ICO Responds to Criticisms

By: Richard Beaumont | Thursday, August 23, 2012 | Tagged: ICO | Leave Comment

The ICO came under fire recently when a publicised Freedom of Information request published by PC Pro claimed their response as evidence that they are not properly prepared to enforce the cookie law.

Now SC Magazine are reporting that they have had a statement from the ICO where they write that such claims are “dramatically wide of the mark.”

They also go on to give a progress update on the 75 websites they wrote to back in May asking for clarification on their progress to compliance.

It appears that 9 of these sites are now in line for the next step of enforcement action – where they will be given a deadline to become compliant.

The ICO also claims to have looked at all the 331 reports made via its online tool, and is following up with the website owners where applicable.

A further progress update is due to be published on the ICO website in November.

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