Cookiepedia Opens to External Contributors

By: Richard Beaumont | Monday, August 20, 2012 | Tagged: Cookiepedia | Leave Comment

In the last few months, in-between helping clients with their cookie law compliance, we have also been busy developing and improving the Cookiepedia resource – our free, public database all about cookies, based on the collection of data via our browser plug-ins.

The aim with Cookiepedia has always been to build it into the most comprehensive information resource all about cookies, anywhere on the web.  However, we knew that this was something that we wouldn’t be able to do all on our own.

So we are delighted to announce today that Cookiepedia is opening its doors and inviting external contributors to join up.

After going through a simple sign up – mostly designed to block spam bots – people with knowledge to share will be able to do so.  Once you have contributor rights, you will be able to post comments on any cookie record in our database.

For the moment we are keeping central control over general information pages, but will be happy to review this policy over the coming weeks.

We have made some changes recently in the way that cookies are listed and can be searched on the site – but this also is something that is not set in stone – we will be looking to make further improvements and are always open to ideas that people may have in the respect.

So please, get involved today.

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