The Cookie Database is Now Open

By: Richard Beaumont | Tuesday, June 28, 2011 | Tagged: Cookie Database, Cookiepedia | Leave Comment

We are delighted to announce that we have begun the process of opening up our cookie database.

We have published today a new search page on the website which you can use to look up any domain and see a list of unique cookie names we have recorded against that domain.

The search algorithm uses the URLDomain field of the database as the basis of the search. This field is based on the domain name in the browser address bar at the time the data was collected.

This means that both first and third party cookies are listed together, under the site that the visitor was looking at when the cookies were downloaded or uploaded.

We have done it this way because it reflects the interpretation of the cookie law that the website a visitor is looking at is responsible for gaining consent for third party cookies as well as the ones it sets itself.

For more details of the structure of the database, go to the Cookie Data page.

We are delighted that as the page is published, we have collected cookie data from over 24,000 different domains.  This is all due to the people who have downloaded our Cookie Collector plug-ins, and we want to take this opportunity to thank them very much for installing and continuing to collect this information from us.  Thank you all.

However, we promise that we are not finished yet.  The next stage of development is to open up more data, and publish more information about each cookie.  This will help people to identify first and third party cookies, session and persistent cookies, as well as their other attributes.

We also want to enable people to contribute to the knowledge base, by adding their own findings about particular domains and cookies.

We hope this will also include the people who are responsible for these domains – as they are the ones who can really throw light on what they do.

For now however, please just have fun looking up your favourite websites and see what cookies we have collected from them.

And if you don’t find anything, then download on of the Cookie Collectors, go surf, then come right back for another look.

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